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Acoustic Cardiograph (ACG)

    The ACG (acoustic cardiograph) by Dr. Royal Lee, who founded Standard Process Nutritional Products.  The ACG records the sounds of the heart as the blood moves through the various chambers, valves, and vessels.   The “graph signature” reflects the opening and closing of the valves, the contraction and strength of the heart muscle, and the efficiency of the movement of blood. Dr. Cohen is a renowned expert in this field, with patients reporting remarkable results.

These extremely accurate “signature graphs” of the ACG provide us with information showing us:

  • whether your heart function is optimal or less than optimal
  • if your body’s chemistry is balanced
  • if your body’s nutritional deficiencies are causing stress on your heart
  • what specific nutritional support your body is requiring

In contrast, the electrocardiograph (EKG) records only the surface energetic impulses as it moves through the nerves of the heart tissue.   The EKG primarily indicates if the heart tissue (or nervous tissue network) has undergone any trauma or permanent damage on an electrical basis.   It will not discriminate valvular function, muscle efficiency, etc.   The EKG’s sole purpose is to diagnose disease.  In contrast, the ACG looks at heart function as a window to health and Longevity.

“The heart is the most reflective muscle of balanced nutrition or malnutrition,
something this country has a hard time accepting.”
Dr. Royal Lee, 1939

The ACG makes a picture of heart sounds and enables the doctor to “hear” by “seeing” heart function on the graph.  We can measure the heart sound as a reflection of balanced body chemistry, nutrition, and overall function of your body’s systems.

In other words, the “graph signature” is a reflection of the heart sounds.   The heart sounds are a reflection of the function of the heart.   The function of the heart is affected by many of our systems, i.e., adrenal, liver & gallbladder, circulatory and kidney function, etc.   Heart function is also affected by our nutrition, i.e., vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, etc.

Each system’s dysfunction and nutritional deficiency has a characteristic graph signature.    By using this extremely accurate tool, the ACG, we can easily detect such dysfunctions and deficiencies thereby helping us make appropriate recommendations and monitor a patient or client’s progress throughout care.

It is important to emphasize that the ACG reflects the efficiency of heart function.  The doctor is now allowed to evaluate the practice member, focusing not on the degree of existing damage (i.e., with the EKG with completely different intent and purpose), but on prevention and supporting the patient or client to achieve optimum health and well being.

Dr. Cohen thoroughly supports this excellent tool for establishing YOUR baseline to extending your Longevity. It is vital to seize every tool, every resource available to increase not only the quantity, as well the quantity of the days and years of your life.

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While the acoustic cardiograph has proven to be a wonderful tool to translate the sounds of your heart into a strictly precise visual representation, the advent of new naturopathic technologies such Bodyscan2010, Ondamed, SpectraVision, Veridia, QRA, Cem-Tech, and more, has served to send wonderful devices such as the acoustic cardiograph into the netherworld of obsolescence.

For starters, Bodyscan2010, and its successors in SpectraVision, OndaMed, and others, gives precise information about what your body is responding to. When there is a marked response to a particular substance, you can be confident that you are getting no small step closer to identifying the appropriate resolution.

As well, Quantum Reflex Analysis (Q.R.A.), especially when used in conjuction with the report of the Bodyscan or SpectraVision or Veridia, instantly tells you which organ or gland is suffering from an interference field, and precisely what substance INSTANTLY makes it stronger, which you also get immediate proof of.

So, for these reasons, at least, acoustic cardiograph now serves most of all to remind us of its halcyon days, before the developments we refer to as quantum reflex analysis, Bodyscan, etc.

Learning about acoustic cardiograph is great for background information. For fuller and richer information, the Healthways of Longevity will not lollygag about with acoustic cardiograph any longer, preferring the richer range of instantly useful information that is obtained by combining quantum reflex analysis with Bodyscan2010, or Q.R.A. with Ondamed.

Learning more improves your probabilities of living more, naturally.

Remember, in 1905, a whopping five percent of our population was chronically ill.
In 2005, when the government decided to stop tracking this figure, it was 53%.
You need to learn more in order to live more, because your food is poisoned.
Make no mistake about it: If you are eating processed food, it toxifies.
Toxins are in fact poisons, and it matters not how you dress it up.
If half your diet, or more, is not comprised of fresh vegetables,
there is no known way you can hope to live stronger longer.
Air-dried sea salt is the single most critical of all foods.
Oiling skin and bones only happens from the inside out.
That is why oil that has never been heated is the best.
An ounce of water every ten to twenty minutes, each waking hour.
These are secrets of the Healthways of Longevity that prove to work.
You can like or dislike them as you please, or view them as sweet gifts.
Once you embrace your own sense of the Healthways of Longevity, you win more.
All human beings who live stronger for longer live their own Healthways of Longevity
Sure, rules are meant to be broken, and so are the chains of living tissue that you need.

When you follow your own legitimate rules of your own Healthways of Longevity, you tend to thrive.
Make it your business to observe, and to imitate, the people who are doing best at what YOU strive for.

Welcome to The Healthways of Longevity,

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Dr. David Cohen is an expert in a stunning breadth of natural Healthways of Longevity. Naturopathic medicine has been a part of his practice, research, and consultations for more than thirty years. Beginning with holistic therapies and naturopathic medicine decades ago, his expertise has come to include Ayurvedic Medicine, bodyscans, BodyScan2010, Rife technology and several of the better upshots and development in the bioenergetic medicine field, which continues to move faster and more productively than the pharmaceutical efforts of the past five decades.

From Ondamed and Bodyscan to the almost-as-good QXCI (Quantum Xroid Consiciousness), there is a growing body of evidence that bioenergetic medicine, a fancy term for using electrical impulses,
continues to outstrip the invasiveness of surgical or pharmaceutical intervention. We are looking at the wave of the future beginning in these early decades of the new millennium, and it's exciting.

The revolution in medicine has become. Green often spurs excellent developments, inventions, creations, and discoveries. As you have noticed yourself repeatedly and for more than a few years,
the pharmaceutical companies -- whoops --
the fifty-two most senior decision-makers in the pharmaceutical industry, to be more precise -
took greed and multplied it into billions and billions of dollars split among these fifty-two, who have in turn parted with only tiny fractions of that money to empower America.

With barely four percent of American hospitals offering alternative remedies and therapies in 1970,
and more than twenty-five percent of American hopitals offering alternative remedies and therapies by 2005,
the trend speaks for itself. Now, more and more people need to use these alternative approaches BEFORE getting sick.

The Healthways of Longevity is designed to be your healthiest website in pursuit of helping you to help yourself.
The Healthways of Longevity, and much more. Acoustic Cardiograph Effective Naturopathic and Homeopathic Alternative to Conventional Medicine Approach - Dr David Cohen Brooklyn NY. Best naturopathic doctors practitioners Brooklyn NY USA America. Acoustic cardiographs. More Americans turn to less expensive, less invasive alternatives, such as naturopathic and homeopathic remedies.

Accurate heart measurements with no drugs or surgery, little waiting.

With so many useful subjects covered, the Healthways of Longevity is surely the largest naturopathic website. acoustic cardiograph,Healthy medicine, which might be used as a result of some findings of the acoustic cardiograph,
naturopathy,alternative to conventional medicine,naturopathic natural healing, with QRA and so much more,
virtually erasing a range of issues using naturopathic alternative remedies techniques methods, acoustic cardiograph. Living longer better,acoustic cardiograph, natural healing. Dr. Cohen advocates homeopathic and naturopathic medicines and remedies.

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