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This web site can and should have a profound impact -- a lasting and wonderful impact... ... on how long you live,   and how well you live.

Dr. Cohen's office can be reached at (718) 627-7272

A more than a million unique web pages all here for your life.
Go for it.

Prepare to develop your potential - no charges of naturopathic medicine and natural healing
As a result of Dr. Cohen hosting so many Healthways of Longevity - et alia - sites,
it is also the largest naturopathic website ever created,
and, we believe as well, the healthiest website on earth.

In all fairness, since the FDA will need years and years to study EVERYTHING natural and healthy on this website,
be sure you see and know that no claims can EVER be made about treatments, cures, and we even prefer to avoid use of the word "disease."

If you have massive health challenges, your first stop is to see your doctor.
At the same time, the Healthways of Longevity is a never-ending encouragement,
urging you to learn here, because the more we learn, the more we tend to live.
So, learn more in order to live more, right?
The best natural approaches to healing naturally include an understanding that it's best for you and your primary health care provider - medical doctor or otherwise...
...to make your major medical decisions TOGETHER, rather than you blindly obeying someone who has a college degree.
You are indeed your own greatest doctor, and we hope to share a great deal of useful information with you here.

As useful and powerful as the information is at the Healthways of Longevity,
remember that NOTHING can take the place of your participating consultation with your doctor or other health professional.

NO ONE can heal you by internet or telephone, so please do not accept information as being diagnostic here. It is not.
Anyone who claims to heal or cure or treat or even competently diagnose from a long distance away,
without even knowing your individual circumstances, is not someone you want your child to grow up and marry.

All of the excellent information provided here is opionion based on study that would stagger most of us.
It includes presentation of information from the people who know it best, have studied it all their lives, in many countries.

Best Doctor in America is WHO?!

Regarding the question of who's the greatest doctor in America, no debate is required:
Fact is, YOU are your own greatest doctor, the greatest doctor in America or, for that matter, the greatest doctor on earth.

Remember the admonition to all physicians: "Physician, heal theyself!"
No doctor can heal you, either; only you and your body, your mind, the total package we might call your "system,"
is capable of healing you.   Drugs, whether pharmaceutical or natural in formation, can only HELP,
can only provide SUPPORT. Don't ever underestimate the power of the human mind and attitude, because they have a direct, provable,
and most certainly profound influence on how strong we live, how long we live, how well we live,
and, not leastly, how happily we live.

If you're going to consult with the "greatest doctor in America," that is, yourself,
it makes sense for you to make better decisions based on having more and better information. The internet is a blessing for any of us who
seek information on any known subject. USE MORE OF YOUR RESOURCES. Study more.
The whole objective for you, we hope, is for you and your doctor together to arrive at a decision that any dangerous drugs you may be taking from your local pharmacy
can be weaned out of your diet by replacing them in an orderly fashion with natural remedies.

Remember that most pharmaceutical drugs are based on natural items. While they often work faster in alleviating symptoms,
prescription drugs rarely if ever address the underlying cause of the symptoms. That's what naturopathic medicine is all about,
that's what healing naturally is all about.
You can call Dr. Cohen for a Bodyscan or consultation at (718) 627-7272; but we first ask and recommend that you
learn a bit more about your specific health challenges, so that you'll be in a better position to make the better decisions that help us to live stronger longer, healthier and happier.

Welcome to the Healthways of Longevity, with the greatest doctor in American naturopathic practice today.

Gathering the best information and products for you
It is all designed to help you to educated yourself, because Dr. Cohen believes that we are all our own top doctors.

Please remember that you and God, sometimes your mother, are the only ones who ultimately care about you.
The more you learn, the more you tend to live, with quality and quantity. So learn more and live more!

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you have found your way to a most amazing journey of eyecandy and brain candy,

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Enjoy.   Free for your life,
The Healthways of Longevity of Masters and Millionaires, champions and billionaires.

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