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Welcome to the largest personal website that will ever be created without total automation and replication.

At present, there are millions of one-off web pages on many, many hundreds of websites... each page from the hands of MrShortcut,
just to help you to help yourself.

You were born to win, and using these shortcuts of masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires will, in every case, produce accelerated results for those who use these shortcuts.

This is The Healthways of Longevity of Masters and Millionaires

where accelerated results are the norm, where shortcut is the word of the day.

Allow the Book of Mister-Shortcut to reinforce a critically important PowerGem:
Excellence cannot occur accidentally, so use more shortcuts of masters and millionaires.


With a taste of Shapetalk, permit this Book of Mister-Shortcut deadlines reminder:
In this day, let us rev up the Book of Mister-Shortcut in you, you DO have the horsepower.
When you have an urgent deadline, in fact, nearly every time you have such a deadline,
you "somehow" manage to get it done, or raise that money, or meet the deadline just in time.
How is that? The Book of Mister-Shortcut does not perceive this to be a delightful coincidence.
You make the deadline because it is important enough for you to find a way to get it done just in time.

The Book of Mister-Shortcut urges you to adopt this attitude for the everyday and the ordinary, the quotidian.
Without a doubt, and with rarely an exception, a full range of benefits spring forth from your practice of this habit.

What do I want? When do I want it by? Who can help me? What is the last step, and the step just before the last one?

When we answer these questions, in detail, in writing, even if only using ten or twenty words for each genuinely important task,
your internal Book of Mister-Shortcut kicks in quite automatically, you might even say autonomically. No need to believe. Try it!

Try to remind yourself that what you put into your Book of Mister-Shortcut is mostly what your Book of Mister-Shortcut gives back.



Do you remember the Book of Mister-Shortcut ?

Not such a silly question, after all, considering that you may well have been born with the Book of Mister-Shortcut inside you.
Have you never used shortcuts? Have you never wracked your brain looking for newer and better shortcuts for a particular effort?

If you do not consider the Book of Mister-Shortcut an automatic part of our lives, when did you last pay for food prepped by someone else?
Rather than take the time to prepare the food yourself, you paid someone else, which is among your most common, most prolifically-used shortcuts.
As a child, you practiced any number of Book of Mister-Shortcut tactics and methods to get what you wanted. Then came your adolescence. Uh oh!
Once we become psycho-socio-sexually aware of ourselves, we start caring more about what others think than what we or our loved ones may tend to think.

Do you madly scramble to clean the house when company was coming? Why is company more important than the people who are closest to you? Think about it.

More to the point, you have hundreds and hundreds of shortcuts stored within your mind, some that you use many times, and many that you simply forget to use at all.
The Book of Mister-Shortcut is alive and (hopefully) well, inside of you. Bring out your Book of Mister-Shortcut and see what the Book of Mister-Shortcut does for YOU.