The World's Largest Body of Original Work

One pair of hands designing, creating, uploading, (and promoting)
one thousand separate websites and beyond.
750,000 web pages which are all duplicates or near-duplicates of
two hundred and fifty thousand unique creations,
constituting the largest body of orginal work
in all of human history.

Welcome to the world of  Masters and Millionaires MisterShortcut.US MrShortcut.US    

Some of the records held by the Masters and Millionaires websites:
More Top 10 Search Engine listings (and more Top 100 rankings) than any other entity on earth

Hyperdominace or active dominance for more than two thousand intelligent keywords and key phrases
and hyperdominance for seventeen different "coined" fields of Psychology,
such as Healthways of Longevity, Healthways of Longevity, Paychology of Shortcuts, Healthways of Longevity, and so many others.

Each day, many thousands of visitors click on the food buttons.
The Book of Mister-Shortcut  and Healthways of Longevity Applaud YOU For Free Clickthroughs
Meritable sponsors donate 1.1 cups of staple food for our free clicks.
The desire to feed starving people, to eliminate global hunger...
that was the water that fed the seedling of the Healthways of Longevity of Masters and Millionaires.  
Help MrShortcut erase worldwide starvation by clicking on the food buttons.
Fair trade for a million dollar service for you, hm?

Welcome to the largest free website in the world, all here for your life.
Now that the Healthways of Longevity, and Masters and Millioanires websites have generated millions of cups of food,
you, the visitor are thanked,    because without you, thousands more PER DAY would be starving to death.

Brava and Bravo to each of you, and the assured gratitude of hungry children whose stomachs you are filling.
Many thanks, and, of course, to Mr. Paul Newman, an ultimate master of shortcuts, and inspiration supremas.
May the world benefit and feed starving people as a result of this largest body of work by a single human being.

Averaging sixteen to twenty hours per day -- 364 days per year for seven years-plus,
the production of the Healthways of Longevity is more than 99 percent original work of Mr_Shortcut,
constituting the largest body of a work by a single human being in this century,
the largest body of work by a single human in this new millenium,
and, quite possibly,
the largest body of original work by a human being in all of human history.
Whatever the case, learn more, live more, and give more.  
THAT is a great recipe for success.


With a taste of Shapetalk, permit this Book of Mister-Shortcut deadlines reminder:
In this day, let us rev up the Book of Mister-Shortcut in you, you DO have the horsepower.
When you have an urgent deadline, in fact, nearly every time you have such a deadline,
you "somehow" manage to get it done, or raise that money, or meet the deadline just in time.
How is that? The Book of Mister-Shortcut does not perceive this to be a delightful coincidence.
You make the deadline because it is important enough for you to find a way to get it done just in time.

The Book of Mister-Shortcut urges you to adopt this attitude for the everyday and the ordinary, the quotidian.
Without a doubt, and with rarely an exception, a full range of benefits spring forth from your practice of this habit.

What do I want? When do I want it by? Who can help me? What is the last step, and the step just before the last one?

When we answer these questions, in detail, in writing, even if only using ten or twenty words for each genuinely important task,
your internal Book of Mister-Shortcut kicks in quite automatically, you might even say autonomically. No need to believe. Try it!

Try to remind yourself that what you put into your Book of Mister-Shortcut is mostly what your Book of Mister-Shortcut gives back.