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The Effective Shortcuts of Masters and Champions

Masters and millionaires regularly prove the principles underlying each of the PowerGems of the Book of Mister-Shortcut, by living them and reaping their rewards.

If you are a master of one or more human tasks, you probably have no urgent need to adopt the Book of Mister-Shortcut unto yourself. It is the rest of the population that the Book of Mister-Shortcut is aimed at, helping you to help yourself, empowering you to empower yourself.

So, unless you have already attained the rank of master or millionaire at one or more identified human endeavors, remember why you have two ears & one mouth.

It's reasonable to think they were designed to be used twice as much.
Doesn't it follow that your two eyes are meant to be used twice as much as the one mouth?
Do you understand that hundreds of thousands of living masters and millions of millionaires must know more than you?

As hard as it may be to visualize tens of thousands of masters at their craft, let alone millions - - - that's right MILLIONS - - - of individual millionaires, the fact remains that they can personally attest to the best news for you this year with regard to your own possibilities and likelihoods.

Who among us can even imagine such numbers?
More to the point, do you believe that millions of successful individuals are wrong?

Do masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires know less than you do, or more than you do?
The Book of Mister-Shortcut is not a creation of a single human, it is the decocted wisdom of thousands and thousands of people who persistently outperform the rest of the madding crowd, those who are willing to make daily habits of the almost ridiculously easy or simple shortcuts and secrets that continue to work, generation after generation.

Are you demonstrating greater wisdom in how you're living your life?

To (hopefully) no one's great surprise, we have a baseline by which to measure success: Those who know better, can be seen to do it better.
Of the thirty-two questions that were asked of five thousand and two hundred masters, millionaires, champions, billionaires, only three answers came close to being perfectly uniform in the course of these interviews. At the very least, the Book of Mister-Shortcut shares no less than five magnificently pregnant seeds just within this mini-forum, all relating to one of the great master secrets of the universe at your disposal.

You form too many opinions too quickly. So many of us merely spin our wheels either searching for or hoping for new resources. Even if you do get a handful of those newer resources, the skill levels that you have been, that are even now showing us on a repeat daily basis just how much use you are now making of your resources.

The Book of Mister-Shortcut extends assurance to you that imitating the actions and words of masters is the fastest way we know towards developing your own personalized mastery.

First develop some measure of mastery with respect to the resources you already have access to. It is more valuable for you to schedule time a tad better. Instead, of, for example, investing your time and effort right now looking for new resources, first use powers such as the universal Book of Mister-Shortcut PowerGems shared here, which are always and immediately at your disposal. Knowing it is virtually useless until it's actually used by you personally to reap the rich, rewarding benefits.

Masters make use of innumerable little tricks and shortcuts, literally innumberable because there are more than any of us can count. Try this one out and lights will go on in your mind where until today there has been shadow or darkness. Are you ready to rapidly accelerate your mastery training?

Answer 5 questions in detail within 72 hours of now... IN WRITING... and you are unconditionally guaranteed to reap enormous impact on your life in days or, if you're the dummy of the family, as much as a couple of weeks. With such positive results being virtually assured, half your battle (worrying about whether something will work for you), is unnecessary. President, janitor, first-year student or manager; housewife or household word: this program works for every human being who uses it.     HUGE results at a decidely, and observably accelerated pace.    ... empirically guaranteed by life, by all the masters who come before us and in our time, with the same univeral condition of such singular value, the one condition being USE. The unemployed human, device, or idea is unemployed, not being made use of.

Because they are the shortcuts and techniques of our universal role models, literally thousands upon thousands of masters, and most of our seven million millionaires, the masterful PowerGems in these pages populate the most guaranteed system of success on earth. They are from what your Grandpa might call the horse's mouth. You can tolerate a quote from a beloved grandfather? ..."If you're not getting it from the horse's mouth, maybe you're spending too much time ... ... at the wrong end of the horse."

Remember, these shortcuts, and the principles that generate the best shortcuts, are proved thus far to be more powerful than you accustomizing to making us. These universal shortcuts are so powerful, so very fast-acting, that the people who use these 'magic tricks' cannot possibly fail; they can only stop their forward motion by not acting upon them. You don't quit because you failed. Without exception, you fail because you quit. Having shortcuts at your disposal are useful only insofar as you remember that the word 'useful' means 'full of use." With persistence, these shortcuts produce astonishing results, quickly. We've produced an average of more than 10,000 new millionaires per week in America for 7 years. Isn't it your turn?

Look at every single super-successful person in history. EVERY SINGLE ONE! They themselves are telling us how they do it! What better possible source is there for you, for me, for any human who's not getting all of the results we might want? Masters! If at this moment you are not at the highest point of your life that you ever dreamed you'd be, or enroute, be quiet. You can get it from the horse's mouth, or be accused of spending too much time at the wrong end of the horse. Get ready for quick results.

You already know that when you imitate a map-maker, and create a map, you can arrive at a strange place many miles away and get to an exact building. You already know that if you imitate your grandma in how she made those cookies, you will get approximately the same cookies. You already know that anyone building a house succesfully is able to do so only because an architect created the recipe, known in construction as a blueprint. Masters create recipes. Just like you, masters-in-training become masters by imitating the successful steps, the most effective shortcuts, when possible, of the masters who came before them. Unless you are a one-in-a-million prodigy who needs no training, START YOUR MASTERS JOURNEY BY IMITATING MASTERS, and then innovating with your own knowledge and experience. That is how so many countries have sprouted so many millionaires.

Even as the United States currently boasts seven MILLION individual millionaires, more significant is the fact that approximately six million of these people aren't merely worth a million, they report annual incomes in excess of a million dollars. I have trouble visualizing six hundred thousand millionaires in one country; how can there be yet another ten GROUPS of six hundred thousand people who are currently earning a million or more dollars per year?

When we're reminded that money is, at best, second or third on the list of measurements for success, think of all the other joys available in life. You already believe that earning a million per year is much harder than, say, learning a new language, or getting along better with certain family members, or harder than getting some passion back into your marriage or significant relationship. If many hundreds of thousands of living Americans can learn to earn a million or more per year WITHOUT A DIPLOMA, then how many "easier" tasks are there that you can master? Of what use is it to you personally to know that more efficient use of resources you already possess will bring fast, powerful benefits...if you don't DO it?

Do You Comport Yourself With A Book of Mister-Shortcut Reputation?

What is YOUR reputation? Do you talk and walk in your own Book of Mister-Shortcut ? Right now, hush up, and answer: What was the last thing you did to earn the respect of your putative peers? ______________   It is what your reputation is based upon.

It is no less than foolish to expect better results, let alone faster results, and certainly not mastery, without changing the actions that produced the unsatisfactory or insufficient results in the first place.

This applies to baking homemade cookies, as surely as it applies to rocket science, as certainly as it applies to playing the guitar or piano or trumpet, and it applies to having happier times with your spouse and kids.

Masters Know These Magical, Mystical Master Secrets of the Universe
The way you spend your minutes is an excellent video presentation of how you're spending your life. That is the single most inspiring reason for me to make it my business to invest at least fifteen minutes per day into more than twenty critically important tasks every day, including brushing my teeth and finding something to either laugh or smile about.

These and other activities for me personally, including the piano or guitar, the pen or the computer, a hug from somebody, reading at least one book or its equivalent in research, are all at the top of my list of what needs to be done every day, without fail whenever possible. I feel that I have to do them every day. The simple daily act of repeating whatever it is you would be best at, WITH AN EYE TOWARDS ONE PERCENT IMPROVEMENT, empowered countless records being broken or shattered or initialized, precisely as it will be for you when you imitate this magnificent shortcut of masters, of ALL world-class masters. "Every day" means every day. It translates into broken records with soul-pleasing rapidity. I'm not a braggart, I'm telling you that if an idiot like me can master a dozen and more fields of life, who knows what someone with YOUR level of ability can accomplish?

It is not intelligent or logical to move to the next fact or facet or feature of the Book of Mister-Shortcut until this one near-omnipotent secret of success, secret of masters from time immemorial, is a firm and settled part of your personality and persona, your id, ego, and superego, a new, thick covering and presentation for the child, the parent, and the adult alive inside of you. Such a huge secret of masters and it is so simple, so tiny, so easy to learn, the act of repetition.

If brushing your teeth every day is important to you, how can planning your personal pathway of excellence be less important? If it is only four or five minutes per day, it simply must be done every day. A thousand days brings you the portfolio of excellence you fantasized about having, back when you were even younger, and have slowly, gradually, hypnotically allowed to be less bold in your consciousness. Where is the sparkle of cocky confidence? Bring it out so that YOU can examine it, and reacquaint yourself with the best of your thinking.

Masters-in-training learn to become masters from who? Cereal boxes? Masters! Masters! Always go to the horse's mouth, so you do not got caught at the wrong end of the horse.

If those of us who have shattered world records can do it, there is every evidence that you can, and will, when you use the same shortcuts, the same words, the same attitudes. It is a recipe, a recipe for becoming a master.

Again, you are asked:
Who knows what someone with YOUR level of ability can accomplish?

The Book of Mister-Shortcut suggests one possible answer:
You, and the Architect of the Universe. If, indeed, Noah was the last to receive a verified personal communication from the Architect of the Universe, it might well mean that means we would not be wise to wait for such Divine Communication for you to make simple, better decisions about living your own version of your own Book of Mister-Shortcut, living to become a master, one day, one hour, one minute at a time.

What masters and champions do, what the Book of Mister-Shortcut encourages you to do, is to place yourself into a state of mind of living to rise to be what people USED to say, and maybe sometimes still do say about you...
and if they're NOT saying great things about your potential, isn't it time for you to show your strengths?

There are some things you just HAVE to do every day. Why not learn to become world-class masters at a few of them? A few minutes per day, and WHAM, before you know it, you're doing not one, rather, several things better than most everyone around you. It's one of the greatest shortcuts of all time, a truly effective shortcut to success, to accelerating your results almost instantly.

It's your life, and it's your repute, your reputation. It's based on everything you've done in all of your yesterdays PLUS whatever you are doing today. This course is free for your life. I'm long gone. I've never been paid for any of these one million pages, and have worked hard to protect my anonymity, because it's not about me; this is about YOU achieving results faster, YOU tasting more of the delicious treats I've had the honor to enjoy in this life, and YOU who we and future generations rely upon to feed the hungry.

If you'd like a better reputation, and see it dramatically improving over the next several months, and doubling or better over the next 100 weeks, guaranteed to work, you can have it by apportioning time, MAKING time for you to become the master we both know you're capable of becoming. It's the reason for my life, just for you personally to receive this message, simply because you are far more than what the rest of the world happens to think about you right now. Let's boost it by committing to investing at least a brief 15 minutes per day learning to get much better at any two of your favority activities. Those are the ones that will either make you known as "first class," or lead to whatever it is you love to do that will earn you a greater reputation.

Within these next fifteen minutes, let us propose that we ensure that we have the basic shape of the blueprint that will bring you from where you are right now, to a better place in this life, whether you're 17 or 87. Remember Anna Mary Robertson? At 76, with arthritis so severe she couldn't dress alone, six doctors told her it was hopeless. The seventh doctor suggested she pick up a pen or pencil each day to draw, perhaps a paintbrush. Laughingly, she assured him that she had never picked up a paintbrush in her life, the very idea was silly.   He asked her what she had to lose.

Between the ages of seventy-six and her ninety-fourth year on earth, Anna Mary Robertson, better known today as "Grandma Moses," painted more than 600 masterpieces, and in later years, nearly four hundred more. She even illustrated "The Night Before Christmas" when she was 100, still the most re-published version to date! She found a better place in life. You are assured by your own automatic, in-state Book of Mister-Shortcut that you will too, in as little as days or even minutes when the fire burns brightly enough in your heart to adopt any one or two or five shortcuts that move you, relentlessly, towards being a master of something.

From successful gardeners or rappers, golf pros and computer wizards, successful parents or sky-divers, you will notice that masters and masters-in-training work and strive to follow the rules of masters... as long as they wish to attain, or remain among, the ranks of masters. Say that out loud one hundred times and then claim that it does not mean many new things to you. No need and no solicitation of your opinion if you have not done it one hundred times.

How do you think masters do what they do while barely appearing to think about it, in many cases? They know the brilliance of "observant repetition," where you watch what you do, to see what you do wrong and what you do right. What you do wrong gets corrected even a tiny bit with each new repetition, and what you do right gets repeated unto exquisite refinement. This is simple math, you know, using numbers on your behalf. If I ask 10 people and you ask, one at a time, 1,000 people, there is no way we can come out equal at the end of the day. Masters are not known for being lazy. Laziness is for the rest of the human race. Those who run at the head of the pack eight and nine or ten times of ten times are masters. They know better than the rest of us combined, and prove it with persistent and repetitive demonstrations of what the Book of Mister-Shortcut wants to see in you. Put up the best of your best, and we will meet up at the table of masters.

Grandma Moses found a better place in her life by creating a better place in her life, even in her ninth decade developing world-class mastery. Whew! There are no maybe's about. You will, too, by simply closing your mouth, opening your ears, and following the shortcuts. Just do it with the Book of Mister-Shortcut your guide and witness. Neither excellence, nor full mastery, can occur by accident. Excellence is a comitted choice, mastery is a dedicated choice. Invest ten minutes per day into your personification of the Book of Mister-Shortcut, your experience of the Book of Mister-Shortcut, adjusted to the standards and ethics you have chosen to adopt in life.

In this time and effort into building a better you, no matter where or how you are in life. Ten minutes per day, building a better you. Silly child, if you had a clue of this, you would already BE a master of multiple disciplines, as are many students of the Book of Mister-Shortcut .

Just do, for ten simple minutes, no matter WHO you are, or what you do. I've read a book or three per day for more than sixteen thousand days, and that's probably more than you and everyone you know all added up together have read.
The Book of Mister-Shortcut gets to deliver these incredible supershortcuts to you from the mouths, the words, and deeds of thousands upon thousands of extraordinarily accomplished humans, using a broad, universally agreeable definition of success: Measureable results. Every human task fits this. We can modify this definition, never eliminate it. We can agree that one definition of success is: The day-to-day progress towards mutual benefit. Whatever YOUR definition of success is, there's a way to measure it in your field of interest, correct? Some kind of number or other measurement that assays difference in performance from one event to the next?

Let us identify precisely where you are on the map, and where you are determined to be in 100 days, and 1000 days. Procession and progession vis-a-vis the Book of Mister-Shortcut is based on the assumption that you can identify at least one thing, if not more, that you need to be world-class at before you die. If you do not know precisely where you are going, as Denis Waitley brilliantly taught, you will almost certainly end up somewhere else. "Destiny" is no more and no less than "destination." Continue as an unwitting but willing passenger? Move up to the command capsule to take control of the ship we call your life? Like excellence, it is a choice; YOUR choice.

With little doubt, one of the more self-helpful things you can do in the next sixty seconds is to state out loud, your determination that you can, and will, be world-class at ____________________________________.

Before walking or running or leaping to premature conclusions, which are NOT habits of those who seek to master the Book of Mister-Shortcut, remember that many hundreds and hundreds of
Olympic champions and world-class masters have told us again and again that they always know their primary mission or goal.
Please, try not to be smarter than people who are smarter than all the rest of us at their specific task.
Our entire purpose here is to help you to help yourself, to empower you to empower yourself,
with the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.
Every single one of them has a clear purpose, a clear goal, and detailed,
and almost always can be expressed in ten words or less,
even if you wake them in the middle of the night to ask!
The Book of Mister-Shortcut declaims that it's YOUR turn!

Book of Mister-Shortcut Mission and Missions

Let's put it out on the table and clarify why we are spending time together. If you're reading this, then I've been paid for these one and half million particularly focused minutes of effort building you the Book of Mister-Shortcut, and Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts, and Book of Mister-Shortcut, and 911day tribute sites, in more than one thousand websites.

The anonymity of MrShortcut is to remind you that this is not about money. This is about getting you to read this. We know that, well, basically all of us, myself included at times, are too profoundly stupid to use these massively instant, guaranteed shortcuts to success used by our champions and masters. It's the other seven percent that these pages are focused on. You're in for the most exciting couple of hundred days, because they're going to produce far more for you, FAR more than the past hundred or thousand days have produced... all one-conditionally guaranteed. That condition, the only condition that's been proven to be absolute, is that you must USE at least one of these PowerGems repeatedly; because they're the best of the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and millionaires.

Some of these masters-in-training have degrees, most of them don't; people with degrees tend to stop stretching their minds or learning after graduation, believing that they really do know better about hundreds and hundreds of subjects they will express opinions about with little or no experience in those issues... ... ... and that's definitely to your advantage, vastly reducing the competition you'll encounter. People who claim to have twenty years' experience usually have a maximum of four years experience... repeated five times over, rather than twenty years of learning and getting better. It's those individual days' efforts of just fifteen or so minutes per day that will prove to be to your great advantage, because they add up to masters and excellence.... and highly accelerated results.

Thousands of students of the Book of Mister-Shortcut, all around the world, are getting powerful, accelerated results, achieved in faster and faster times because of their dedication to the most effective shortcuts. Opinions of those of us who have NOT excelled at a task are meaningless and time-wasting; the only opinions worth listening to are the voices of experience. As well, these shortcuts have worked for me in dozens of areas, from publishing and composing, to seduction and picnicking, in my own life to the lives of others similarly committed to the joys of excellence. In every case, that excellence came about as a result of repetition, and attention to repeating the exact words and actions of those doing it better than me. Practice simple diatonic scales every single day for 15 minutes, and do it as if it's the most important thing in your life - WHICH IT IS FOR THOSE FIFTEEN MINUTES -- and you're guaranteed to more than double your results every hundred days or less. This is why we're spending this time together; simply because you're worth it, and you must first have access to great information, Book of Mister-Shortcut, in order to make use of them.

That's one of my two goals for this program. Because I derive joy giving away half my income, money is almost as important as my life's passion. The only way I can get value and success out of this is for you to close your mouth, open your eyes and ears -and get busier in tune with those who have done it better than you and will continue to do it better than you until the moment you begin doing as they do.

By imitating the repeated recipes of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, you tend to repeat the results.
It won't be perfect duplication, it WILL however be in the ballpark, with sufficient effort, reasonably and generously close to one hundred percent of the time. That's what makes it a PowerGem.

When you do as role models do, and duplicate their results, you will have more money to feed hungry people, and I win in my personal war against people who want to collect all the money for themselves and not share it with starving people who are frankly too stupid to stop having babies until they earn enough food for their families. In a nutshell, masters teach me, I teach you, you get more and hopefully share more. It's a rule of life that has worked on a small scale, and will work now on a larger scale thanks to the internet, and thanks to you having the brains to keep going for YOUR better results, those delicious accelerated results of masters. It simply proves Newton's Third Law of Physics, one of the most basic facets of science.
Duplicate an action enough times, and you will duplicate the results of that action.

Every page in this presentation contains powerful, immediately useful items. Every page or two, jot down those that seem tailor-made for you to gain benefit. Please remember that the entire point of this entire program: is for you to use shortcuts that produce results within a day or so. Please don't complicate things. Keep it simple. Every shortcut you take brings you one step closer. Write in the margins, write on the lines, write on the covers, just please don't be a moron and stop writing. The more you write, the more you make. The more you write, the more you make. The more you write, the more you make.

Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts from the Book of Mister-Shortcut
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Remind yourself as often as necessary: Masters become masters intentionally and by choice.
Mastery, like every form of excellence on earth, cannot occur accidentally. Use this knowledge.
Welcome to the Book of Mister-Shortcut of Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts to Achievement.
Millions of delightfully unique and interactive web pages on 1,089± websites:
Shapetalk For Masters... and those who would be masters
... and it's all for you
This is the Book of Mister-Shortcut of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.
You can find hundreds of thousands of unique web pages on 1,089± websites: -
The Largest Personal Website On The Internet
... and it's all for you
This is the Book of Mister-Shortcut of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.

Masters Are Not Accidental Masters with the Book of Mister-Shortcut

Masters for this and masters for that,
the Book of Mister-Shortcut is all that phat.
From masters at school, to great masters of health,
shortcuts are meant to develop great masters of wealth.
That's because health is your greatest of wealth,
and masters don't need to use guile or stealth.
Masters become masters because of technique,
so master YOUR skills by being oblique.
Look at it newly, look at it now,
and rapidly your brain will
produce your best "how."

Masters become masters, in fact, because of their best shortcuts.
Masters identify their best shortcuts, often by studying other masters,
then employing those same, few, powerful shortcuts literally thousands of times.
Living the Book of Mister-Shortcut is how to understand the Book of Mister-Shortcut .
EVERYTHING else is opinion of inadequate experience, from those NOT breaking records.
Develop your mastery with these PowerGems - universal shortcuts of masters and champions.
The time has come to set aside the mediocrity you have been embracing wholeheartedly until today.
Today, we set a higher bar for you to become a master, by setting higher expectations for YOUR today.

Justify Yourself With Your Book of Mister-Shortcut !

so justify the efforts invested into you.

We are, in effect, born with the Book of Mister-Shortcut ready to go, when we have good mentors.
Even good role models can serve as good mentors from a distance, encouraging others to be masters.
If you believe that you can succeed on your own, good lucking engaging your Book of Mister-Shortcut .
PowerGems are so often rooted in the cooperative efforts of two or more people seeking similar goals.
Whenever your Book of Mister-Shortcut attitude encounters another' Book of Mister-Shortcut attitude,
what, precisely, do you think is the result of combining two or more people focused on succeeding?

Determine the foundations of your own Book of Mister-Shortcut . What do you want, and by when?
Who can help you to achieve it? Do you have your list of decision-makers who can say "Yes?"
The more you ask, the more you receive, particularly when you refine your asking methods.
When someone says "No," it is wise for you to begin by finding out why they said no.
Then, agree with whatever their reasoning is, to lower the walls of our resistance.
The Book of Mister-Shortcut means focusing at all times on the best answer,
the best and most effective resolution reflecting well on your choices,
reflecting well on your use of your own Book of Mister-Shortcut .

Keep in mind that the Book of Mister-Shortcut is here to help you to help yourself.
The Book of Mister-Shortcut does not achieve or accelerate success on your behalf.
Dare to join the ranks of the masters of the world, perhaps the masters of the universe.
Excellence, like so much of life erroneously attributed to chance, is, most of all, a choice.

The Book of Mister-Shortcut, empowering you to more rapidly empower yourself... masterfully.