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The Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface System

The Defining Instrument of New Age Quantum Technology

As Developed by World Renowned Quantum Physicist William Nelson

READ FURTHER... and the Healthways of Longevity will attempt to move your mind into newer directions, exploring more so that you can keep your brain young by the exercise, if not also for the putative or apparent benefits of Q.X.C.I.



The basic foundations of electronics came from initial investigations into biology.Inventors such as Volta, Ampere, Oh, and many others tried to understand biology by looking to the laws of electrical reactivity to make sense of it all.

But today, the quantum leap for the sincere health seeker and health practitioner is a wellness enhancement system that is safe, effective, gentle and non0invasive.  It is called the Quantum Xrroid Medical/Consciousness Interface System.

We welcome you to the new era of health measurement and enhancement technologies.

The field of energetic medicine is flourishing around the world. More and more governments, medical schools, insurance agencies, and doctors are turning to it every day.

This field has new advances in diagnostics and therapeutics, from Homeopathy to Acupuncture and Chiropractic as well as many others.

But the development of a cybernetic loop and an auto focus system is the greatest advance in all of modern medicine.

Imagine a device that can measure energetic abnormalities and revise them at biological speeds.  Envision medical equipment that can detect energetic aberrations and then automatically provide information which helps the body to address these issues.

The ability to “computer link” with the patient at biological speeds offers a profound new advance for medicine.

As science begins to recognize that we are indeed “energy beings” the face of medicine will change forever.

A new paradigm is on the horizon and there is no turning back!

The QXCI instrument has been independently tested and registered with a number of government agencies.

It is legal to purchase and use throughout the USA, South America, Canada, Europe, China, Japan, and elsewhere.

We trust that you will be surprised and intrigued by this technology.

It has earned its reputation as a leader.

This new and dramatic jump in technology may seem threatening to some.It might be like a person one hundred years ago seeing a computer or a television.

It might be heard to believe, but let me assure you that this new technology is real and here to stay.

Competitors have cultivated many rumors and even outright lies about this device but we hope that the intelligent doctor or therapist will investigate for themselves.

You will not be disappointed.  The QXCI device is not a random number generator.



The basis of bio-electrical reactivity lies in voltage, amperage and resistance. The only thing that can truly be measured in electricity is the voltage and amperage.

Everything else is a mathematical variation of voltage and amperage.
Thus does the QXCI device starts by measuring multiple channels of this information.

Multiple channels are needed so that we can see variations in the electrical potential and flow of the total body.

So we measure the extremeities and the head.This direct measurement is four channels of voltage, four of amperage, and four of resistance.

These come into the computer for amplification and the computer acts as a frequency counter for receiving this data.This makes an active twelve-channel measuring device.Traditional point probe devices and resistance-only machines are subsequently rendered obsolete.


Dr. David Cohen's expertise with the QXCI may well astound you. Again and again he surprises with his extraordinary knowledge and skill, in this case extending to a machine that can and does help people to dramatically change and improve their lives.

Call today for an appointment at Dr. Cohen's NY office, and find out for yourself.


This certifies that the QUANTUM XRROID Medical device has been tested safe to standards of UL544, CE, and European tests. The Hungarian Medical device government control has certified this device with the Joint Ministry of Finance and Foreign Ministry trade decree Number 39/1976 PM KKM, 34/1991 PM NGKM

This specifies compliance with international safety, customs export and import regulations, making this device legal for import in the USA, Europe, Asia, Japan, Australia, Africa, South America and elsewhere.

The device iscertfied safe and effective by the National Institute for Hospital and Medical Engineering (ORKI) of Hungary decree No. 14/1990 for Qualifications of Hospital and Medical use.

Device registered only to Maitreya and QX Ltd. By copyright and registration.

For a free portfolio of information or for demonstration and/or training schedules in the United States, please contact:

Dr. David Cohen, N.D. Ph.D., M.H., C.N.C.

Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC,
at 1-888-600-888

Tel (718) 627-7272

www.MisterShortcut.com  or http://www.HelpMeDoctor.org

Dr. Cohen's main office in Brooklyn, NY is accepting calls to book appointments

Dr Cohen is taking your calls at 718 627 - 7272

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Quantum Xrroid Medical Consciousness Interface System.

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Quantum Xrroid Medical Consciousness Interface System.

The quantum xrroid medical consciousness interface system is a powerful, useful tool.
Because the Healthways of Longevity could not have had fair development without a look at the major electronic developments in naturopathy, QXCI calls out for a fair look, and another.

Helping you to heal yourself is a noble calling; naturopaths don't get financially wealthy. Yet, with tools such as the quantum xrroid medical consciousness interface system, healing naturally, pain relief, acoustic cardiograph, Healthways of Longevity, qxci, quantum xrroid medical consciousness interface systems, we can make a difference, helping people to help themselves.
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